Anchor Bolt Maintenance Knowledge

Anchor Bolt Maintenance Knowledge

If you want to make good use of anchor bolts, you must first understand the maintenance of anchor bolts. Friends who don’t know the maintenance of anchor bolts can come with me to find out!

The [**anchor bolts**]( must be stored in a constant temperature environment first, and cannot be stored in a humid environment for a long time. If the environment is particularly humid, the appearance of the anchor bolts will be oxidized to a certain extent. To prevent oxidation of the anchor bolts, the anchor bolts should be placed in a dry and ventilated environment. The anchor bolt also has a special protection part, which is the thread of the anchor bolt. The threads of the anchor bolts must be specially protected. We can rub the threads of the anchor bolts with butter or greased paper. The winding is to prevent the threads of the anchor bolts from wearing out or breaking. During the installation process, the nut or nut cannot be tightened well or cannot be screwed in.地脚螺栓1

The corrosion of the anchor bolts is mainly due to the penetration into the anchor bolt holes and remains during the pickling passivation process, forming a corrosive environment, and the pickling solution corrodes the bolts. The clearance between the outer surface of the bolt and the inner and outer surfaces of the anchor hole is about 1mm, and the clearance between the bolt and the concrete is relatively small. As the bolts corrode in the residual liquid, the crevice corrosion products gather, and the crevice environment is easily formed.

When performing maintenance on the anchor bolts, check whether the related accessories of the anchor bolts are loose or loose. Pay special attention to the detailed inspection of the anchor bolt threads. It can be guaranteed that the use of anchor bolts will not occur. If the anchor bolts are not installed on the nuts, they will not be responsible to the buyer.

When the anchor bolts actually work, the external load will increase. In the case of increased temperature and air humidity, the anchor bolts will have a certain effect when they are twisted, and they may even become loose or unable to be tightened. happened. Therefore, you must pay attention to the protection of the anchor bolts when using the anchor bolts.

The above is an introduction to the maintenance knowledge of anchor bolts. I hope that after you understand the maintenance knowledge of anchor bolts, it will be helpful for you to maintain the anchor bolts.

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Post time: Sep-10-2021