• New Forging Machines

    New Forging Machines

    Our management visited many other big forging manufactures in 2019. They found one machine can be used for improving our production line, which is Horizontal High-Speed Presses. We have set up the High-speed horizontal forging presses in January 2020. High-speed horizontal forging presses are ess...
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  • Laser Cutting Machines Upgrade

    Laser Cutting Machines Upgrade

    After our company set up first laser cutting machine in 2014. This year we set up a new powerful laser machine for our production line. Laser machine can help us to produce many types of products more efficient, such as steel strap, cross arm, washers, steel pipe, light post and yoke plate. Laser...
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  • New Test Center Setup

    New Test Center Setup

    In 2020 we are going to set up a new Test Center in our manufacture. This new Test Center will include many test equipment such as Tensile test machine, high voltage tester, impact teste machine, and hardness tester. This test center will help us to improve our quality control system. This center...
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  • Background


    HEBEI YONGGUANG LINE EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. is an enterprise specialized in the production, R&D and sales. The location of Yongguang is in the famous “Capital of Electric” in China-Yongnian, nearby 107 National road, Handan airport and the railway station. The company founded in 1995...
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  • Company Ability

    Company Ability

    Our Company has been produced thousands kinds of power line hardware products to South America, North America, Australia, Middle East (Emirates, Iraq, Isreal, etc.), Africa (Egypt, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, South Africa, ect.), Europe (Italy, France, Germany, etc), Asia (Korea, Tha...
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  • Exhibition at Moscow in 2019

    Exhibition at Moscow in 2019

    Hebei Yongguang Line Equipment Co., Ltd attended an exhibition at Moscow Russia in 2019. During the exhibition, we introduced our factory background, experiences at electricity power line fittings and production capacity to our potential clients. ...
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