What Is an Anchor Bolt

What Is an Anchor Bolt

An [**anchor bolt**](https://www.hbyppowerline.com/anchor-bolt/) is a common fastener used to connect one or more objects to a concrete surface. Since concrete is fragile, you can use traditional bolt applications, such as this kind. To ensure that the connected object stays in place, anchor bolts must be used.

The basis of anchor bolt

By definition, an anchor bolt is a heavy-duty fastener used to connect objects and concrete. For example, steel poles are usually installed on concrete surfaces with anchor bolts. The anchor bolt penetrates the base of the pole into the concrete interior. Due to the unique anchor bolt design, the pole remains stable and safe.地脚螺栓

Affect the force of anchor bolts

Several forces can act on an anchor bolt, so over time, it will affect its performance. For example, if one or more objects connected by concrete begin to fail, it will weaken the anchor bolts. Cracks are another potential problem with anchor bolts. If there is a split between the anchor bolts, they may loosen.

Although anchor bolts can also fail, they are less likely to fail in concrete applications than other types of bolts. Therefore, most companies and contractors use anchor bolts when connecting one or more objects to a concrete surface.

Different types of anchor bolts

All anchor bolts are designed to connect objects to concrete, but the way they perform this task varies from type to type. The most common type of anchor bolts is cast-in-place. It is called “cast in place” because it is actually poured with concrete. To install anchor bolts, first drill a hole of appropriate size in the concrete surface. Next, you insert the bolt into the hole. Finally, pour the wet concrete into the remaining space. The wet concrete will naturally surround the bolt, and once it hardens, the anchor bolt should not move.

There are also drilled in place anchor bolts. Also called post-installation anchor bolts, they do not require the use of wet concrete. You just need to drill them into the hardened concrete. How do anchor bolts work accurately? Some anchor bolts rely on the characteristics of mechanical expansion. When you drill them into concrete, they compress and/or expand. Other types of drill-in-place anchor bolts require the use of adhesives, such as epoxy, to stabilize and prevent movement.

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