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Pin Insulator

We produce a large variety of high- and low-voltage electrical pin type insulators that are extremely resistant to lightning punctures and are intended for distribution systems. like PQ-36Y, P-11-Y, P-15-Y, P-20-Y, and P-33-Y.

Single- or multi-piece composite pin insulators are frequently found in inexpensive distribution lines. These pin insulator types are less likely to break because of their multipiece construction, which allows them to withstand line voltage for extended periods of time even when one of their shells breaks.

Applications of Pin Type Insulator

Pin Insulators serve a crucial role in electrical distribution systems, providing electrical insulation and mechanical support to conductors in overhead power lines. Their distinctive design, often resembling a cylindrical or barrel shape, features a central spindle that can be attached to a supporting structure, such as a crossarm on a utility pole. The primary applications of Pin Type Insulators include:

  • Overhead Power Lines

Pin Insulators are commonly used in overhead power distribution lines to suspend and insulate conductors. They help maintain a safe and reliable flow of electricity from power generation sources to end-users.

  • Utility Poles and Crossarms

These insulators for sale are mounted on utility poles and crossarms to support the conductors at specified intervals. The pin-type design allows for easy attachment and secure installation.

  • Substation Equipment

Electrical pin insulators find application in electrical substations, providing insulation for conductors connected to various substation equipment, such as transformers and circuit breakers.


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