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Eye Bolt

Eye bolts are specially designed fasteners that are mainly used in situations where tensile forces and heavy loads are required. It is usually installed at the top center or symmetrical position of the part for lifting operations, and can be arranged on both sides of the part in a symmetrical manner. When designing, consider the safe load that can withstand lifting the entire part.

Basic Information of Electrical Service Eye Bolt


Steel, Stainless Steel

Strength Rating

70KN, 120KN, 180KN,++


Hot Dip Galvanize

We customize products according to client’s specification.

eye bolt

Features of Electrical Service Eye Bolt

  • Eye bolts have threads on one end and an eye on the other end. These bolts are used for a variety of hanging and variable tension applications.

  • Eye bolts can be used for permanent fastening in side-to-side applications or in overhead applications to suspend weights.

  • Our eyebolt can be used on low temperature condition.


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