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Fuse Cutout

Fuse cutouts, also called cut-out fuses, are used in primary overhead feeder lines and taps to safeguard distribution transformers against overloads and current surges. They function as a combination of a fuse and a switch. The transformer will be disconnected from the line when the fuse melts due to an overcurrent brought on by a defect in the transformer or customer circuit. Utility linemen standing on the ground and using a long insulating stick known as a "hot stick" can manually open it as well.

Applications of Fuse Cutout

  • Overcurrent Protection in Distribution Lines

Fuse Cutouts are strategically installed on overhead distribution lines to protect against overcurrent conditions. When the current exceeds a predetermined level due to faults or overloads, the fuse element in the cutout melts, interrupting the circuit and preventing damage to downstream equipment.

  • Transformer Protection

Fuse Cutouts are commonly employed to safeguard distribution transformers. They provide a protective barrier against excessive currents, disconnecting the transformer in the event of a fault and preventing damage to the equipment.

  • Feeder Line Protection

Installed on feeder lines, this drop out fuse switch contributes to the protection of the electrical distribution system by isolating specific sections during faults. This sectionalizing capability minimizes the impact of faults on the entire distribution network.

  • Switchgear Protection

Fuse Cutouts are integrated into switchgear systems to enhance protection against overloads and short circuits. Their inclusion in switchgear configurations ensures the safe and reliable operation of electrical distribution equipment.

  • Fault Isolation and Network Reliability

Fuse Cutouts play a crucial role in fault isolation, helping maintain network reliability. By isolating faulty sections, they prevent the spread of faults and enable the rest of the distribution system to continue operating.

  • Cost-Effective Fault Interruption

Fuse Cutouts offer a cost-effective solution for interrupting circuits during overcurrent conditions. The sacrificial fuse element is designed for easy replacement, providing an efficient and economical means of protecting the distribution system.


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