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Shackle Insulator

There are numerous types of shaken insulators, including ED-2B, ED-2C, and others. We are an expert manufacturer and supplier of porcelain shackle insulators. For our customers, we create custom colors. Our shackle type insulators are resistant to aging and temperature.

What is the Purpose of a Shackle Insulator?

A Shackle Insulator serves a dual role as a critical component in overhead power distribution lines, offering both electrical insulation and mechanical support. With a U-shaped or horseshoe design, these power line insulators facilitate flexible and straightforward installation, allowing attachment to supporting structures using pins or bolts. Their primary purpose is to prevent unintended electrical current flow between conductors and supporting structures, ensuring a stable connection while withstanding mechanical stresses. Commonly used in low to medium voltage distribution lines, Shackle Type Insulators provide reliability, versatility, and ease of maintenance, contributing to the efficient and safe transmission of electricity in diverse environmental conditions.


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