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Surge Arrester
lightning arrester
surge arrester
surge voltage arrester

Surge Arrester

The most sophisticated over-voltage protection device available today is the metal oxide lighting arrester/surge arrester. This surge protector arrester is extensively utilized in the production, transmission, and distribution of power as well as in the insulation of electrical equipment to prevent damage from overvoltage.

Operating Condition of Lightning Surge Arrester Protection Device

  • The ambient temperature is not high than +40 celsius and not lower than -40 celsius.

  • The altitude above sea level do not exceed 1000-2000m. (Altiplano area should be indicated when order.)

  • The frequency in AC system is 50Hz or 60Hz.

  • Power frequency voltage which has been bearing on surge protector arrester for a long time do not exceed continuous operating voltage. 5.Max. wind speed do not exceed 35m/s.

  • The lightning surge protection device is applied to the area where earthquake intensity is not exceed 8 degree.

  • The filthy area should be indicated before.


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