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Socket Thimble
thimble socket
socket thimble
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Socket Thimble

Socket thimbles are important electrical hardware used to fix and hang line iron parts and connecting hardware. It has excellent mechanical properties and the ability to adapt to the environment, ensuring the stable and safe operation of power lines. It can withstand dual tests from the natural environment and mechanical loads, and can be easily installed and disassembled. We also use high-strength materials, such as steel, aluminum alloy, etc., with good tensile strength and load-bearing capacity.

General Information of Socket Thimble




Stainless, Bronze

Strength Rating

70KN, 120KN, 180KN


Hot Dip Galvanize

Applications of Socket Thimble

  • Socket thimble is a common hardware in powerline and transmission line system. It available as forged or as cast. Socket thimble supplied complete with one security clip, it may be w or r type.

  • We have many types socket thimble, we also do customize for our clients to match their requirements.


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